Whether you are interested in selling at Home Parties; add a bit of “something new” to an existing shop; 
or open your own Alphabet Photography business  at a Kiosk/Cart in your local mall.

We Have It All!

No more keeping track of multiple vendors: who to pay, or what “company” sells what for the best price. 

*  Over 600 Individual Alphabet Photographs
* Hearts & Symbols
*7 Different Colored, Individual Opening Mats
* Matching Backboards

Wholesale Pricing is listed below.
All Photographs were personally taken by Barbra O'Boyle.  Copyrights apply and belong to Barbra O'Boyle.
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   * Alphabet Photos: Get your pen and paper ready - click on "ALPHABET PHOTOS" (on left side of this page) and start picking out the letters you feel would best sell in your geographic area. Remember, you will need more A, E, I, O, U, M, N, R, S, T because those are the letters most used in a name or phrase. Then click on "CONTACT ME" and email your list (Example: A3 (5) - this translate to Photo A3 and a quantity of 5). I will send you an invoice via PayPal and upon payment, photos will be sent via Priority Mail within 2 weeks.

  * Mats/Backboards: All must be ordered in lots of 10. (Example: 10 of 4 Letter Opening in Black; or 20 of 6 Letter Opening in Cream). Backboards only come in White, so no color is needed. * Shipping on Mats/Backboards takes about 2 weeks for delivery.