** NEW ** Now on CANVAS

May you choose to showcase your family name, your child’s name, or a word you just love. 
Then within that word, each letter is an exquisite photograph in and of itself, in warm, dark black, white and gray tones that complement any room. Combine your handpicked letters, and the result is instant personalized art on CANVAS.

 Cotton-blend Canvas, thick, high quality, cotten-blend artist 
canvas with a matte finish. Poly-cotton blend makes this canvas 
ultra durable. Stretched orders are coated with eco-friendly 
protective satin coating.

   Museum quality canvas printing by using the latest EPSON 
technology and is archival piece of art certified for 100+ years.
All Photographs were personally taken by Barbra O'Boyle.  Copyrights apply and belong to Barbra O'Boyle.
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